Remember when life was a whole lot simpler?

CornerToCorner Productions does.

ctc films homeRemember what it was like to discuss the town news on the corner of Main Street? On Election Day, maybe you got the updates by walking from one corner to the next. You knew everyone in town and they knew you.

old camerasAt CornerToCorner Productions, we strive to meet our customer's film and video production needs with a personal level of service. With today's hectic schedules, impersonal service and just downright complicated technology, making a film or video production can be exhausting.

How can you get back to a simpler time? Just make one phone call to CornerToCorner Productions at (602) 740-3645, and we'll take care of the rest.

From documentaries and travel logs, to non-profit work and museum orientation films, CornerToCorner Productions has one mission: To Tell Your Story. Below are more examples of our work.

"Up With People”
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"Arizona Centennial Minutes"
American-born Women lose their U.S. Citizenship after marrying.
"Tall Ships Regatta"
A Race Across the North Sea.